Relevant History & Ongoing Projects

C&P, First Series–Mead Ranch

Relevant History

Albion Books takes its name from its first home–Albion Street in San Francisco–though the inspiration to use it came from William Blake’s “Visions of the Daughters of Albion.” Each year since its inception in 2008 Albion Books has put out anywhere from four to five limited edition handmade chapbooks of poetry or poetics, plus assorted print ephemera like broadsides, cards, and chaplets. Due to their limited edition size, many Albion productions go quickly out of print–but not before garnering positive notice!The titles were generously featured by Fred Sasaki on the Poetry Foundation’s blog, Harriet, in April of 2010. You can visit his blog entry here. You can also visit the Colorado State University Libraries website and Woodland Pattern for other relevant history.

Petrarch’s Sonnet 133 (2009)

Ongoing Projects

Spring/Summer 2010 Second Series titles, a few of which are still available, included Laura Walker’s bird book, Nathanaël’s Vigilous, Reel: Desire (a)s Accusation and Jane Miller’s from Seven Mediterraneans. Michael Cross (of the incomparable Compline) tipped his hat to our production of Vigilous, Reel here.

There were four titles in the 2010/2011 Third Series. Fall/Winter 2010 featured Lisa Fishman’s at the same time as scattering and Jonathan Skinner’s Warblers, while Spring/Summer 2011 brought out chapbooks by C. D. Wright and George Albon. Michael Cross again generously noted our productions–this time of Skinner’s Warblers and Albon’s Ryman Room–while Rob McLennan wrote up Lisa Fishman’s chap here.

The Fourth Series debuted out of Philadelphia in October of 2011 with Dawn Lundy Martin’s chapbook Candy, and went on to include Gillian Conoley’s an oh a sky a fabric an undertow, Emily Abdendroth’s Exclosures ] 1 – 8 [ , and Jennifer Bartlett’s Anything/has to be easy enough/to get done. Many of these productions were again noted by Cross and McLennan.

The Fifth Series began in 2013 with a double chapbook by Juliet Patterson and Rachel Moritz, and continued in 2014 with new work by CAConrad and Frank Sherlock. Friendby Jean Valentine, rounded out the Fifth Series in summer of 2015. The Sixth and final Albion Books Series began in fall of 2016 with Stephen Motika’s Private Archive, and will continue with two more chapbooks in 2016 and 2017.



Jonathan Skinner’s Warblers

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