Jonathan Skinner

Cover, Layer 1

O U T   O F   P R I N T . Albion Books Series 3, Volume 2. Published in December of 2010 in an edition of 120 copies, of which the first twenty are signed by the author. Cover stock off-cuts courtesy of Logos Graphics and San Francisco Center for the Book.

Cover, Layer 2

I wanted this book to be a tribute to the birds Jonathan writes about with such precision, ingenuity, love and wit. So I modeled the colors after those of the Prothonotary Warbler, images of which I use for the half-title and title pages. I also liked the idea of the reader having to “hunt” for the book’s author and title, since, as Jonathan writes, “warblers are restless, hard to see, and give you a crick in the neck.”

Cover, Layer 3