Vigilous, Reel: Desire (a)s Accusation

Nathanaël (formerly Nathalie Stephens)

Front Cover, Layer 1

O U T   O F   P R I N T. Albion Book Series 2, Number 4. Published in the summer of 2010 in an edition of 85 numbered copies, of which the first 20 are signed by the author. Outer cover offcuts salvaged from the San Francisco Center for the Book; inner cover offcuts salvaged courtesy of Logos Graphics.

Cover Layer 2

Early in our working relationship, Nathanaël and I agreed that a broadside wouldn’t be appropriate for the project. Instead, I suggested that some sort of textual excerpt would be an integral part of the book’s exterior–perhaps a bookmark or postcard. Given that Vigilous, Reel is a satellite text in the orbit of Absence Where As, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to their relationship if passages from Absence Where As enveloped Vigilous, Reel, front and back. Hence the layered covers:

Cover Layer 3