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Jane Miller’s from Seven Mediterraneans, Hardcover Edition (2010)



For individuals: chapbooks are $15.00 per title/copy, though special editions generally run higher. However, Albion Books is always open to trades and barters. The annual 2016-2017 subscription was available at three different price levels, for which subscribers received all published volumes and ephemera related to Series Six. Though Series Six subscriptions are sold out, you can choose to purchase both Tung-Hui Hu’s and Brenda Hillman’s chapbooks as a bundle at one of three different price points.

For libraries and institutions: chapbooks are $25.00 per title/copy, with hardcover editions generally priced at $40.00. Annual subscriptions are generally handled with an invoice billed to the institution, with all volumes being mailed out when the series is finished.

NOTE: PayPal option below. Checks should be made out to Brian Teare. They should be mailed to Brian Teare/1137 Pierce St./Philadelphia PA 19148. For a timely response, please address all email queries to


Hu & Hillman Bundles


Jane Mead’s “To the Wren No Difference/No Difference to the Jay”

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