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Jane Miller’s from Seven Mediterraneans, Hardcover Edition (2010)



For individuals: chapbooks are $15.00 per title/copy, though special editions generally run higher. However, Albion Books is always open to trades and barters. The annual 2016-2017 subscription is available for $40.00, for which you receive all published volumes and ephemera related to Series Six – but you can also choose to subscribe as a Patron ($50.00) or a Saint ($60.00).

For libraries and institutions: chapbooks are $25.00 per title/copy, with hardcover editions generally priced at $40.00. Annual subscriptions are generally handled with an invoice billed to the institution, with all volumes being mailed out when the series is finished.

NOTE: PayPal option below. Checks should be made out to Brian Teare. They should be mailed to Brian Teare/1137 Pierce St./Philadelphia PA 19148. For a timely response, please address all email queries to

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Jane Mead’s “To the Wren No Difference/No Difference to the Jay”

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