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Founded in 2008, Albion Books is a one-man micropress specializing in limited edition poetry chapbooks, broadsides and print ephemera as well as in hand-bound hardcover and limp-bound books. The press uses conserving natural resources and keeping production costs below $100 per project as formal constraints, while the goal remains to make as fine an object as possible within the given limits: 1) at least 60% of the paper for each project must come from “off-cuts” donated by or bought from other printers; 2) all letterpress printing is done on a shared 6” x 10” Kelsey platen press, and 3) all type is hand-set: neither plates nor new type are made for a print run. Though each edition is kept small to enable production by one person, the final rule of the press is meant to encourage and sustain gift economy within the poetry community: at least 35% of each edition must be given away or bartered.

Laura Walker’s “pine warbler”

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